Third Jedi War

194 ABY


197 ABY


Galaxy wide

  • Scourge War begins.
  • Krath Protectorate is formed under Krath Emperor Aeaolen Kicka.
  • Regoram revives the Sith Order.
  • Jedi Order experiences decline.
Major battles

Jedi Order

Sith Order

  • Jedi Grandmaster
  • Dark Lord of the Sith/Emperor Regoram

The era in time known as the Third Jedi War is an era of relative peace and calm throughout the galaxy, on a scale between the two major powers, the Galactic Republic and the Galactic Empire. The Third Jedi War draws it roots in the massive Jedi vs. Sith conflict that engulfed the galaxy at the time.

Early years of peace

"It's quiet...I don't like it."
―Republic Senator

The Area between the Praxeum Wars and the Fallen War is one of relative peace, with the exception of General Ashton of the Galactic Republic attacking Muunilist to eliminate a known Imperial Cell on the planet. At this time it is generally accepted that Vexx Nerzul, former General of the Praxeum and Dark Lord of the Sith named himself King of Scourge and re-discovered Dromund Kaas. Regoram, the current Emperor and well known Sith Lord declared himself Dark Lord of the Sith and lead the Sith Order through strife and civil war with relative ease.

Aeaolen Kicka, a Sith Lord and former Jedi Master discovered the ancient teachings of the Krath and formed the Krath Protectorate, a faction dedicated to the protection of ancient Sith and Krath teachings as well as preserving knowledge of the dark side of the force; the remaining Krath name Aeaolen Emperor of the Krath. Along side the formation of the Krath Protectorate the Black Hand Prime is formed under the mysterious man named Overlord. The Jensaari, an ancient order is seemingly revived by the self-proclaimed "Sith'ari" Jaden Zin, together the Sith Order, the Krath Protectorate and the Jensaari form an alliance.

I, Jedi and I, Sith

"The Jedi Order and the Sith Order clash like never before..."
―Unnamed Jedi Knight

The Jedi Order and the Sith Order had not clashed due to being relatively "aligned" during the Praxeum Wars but now that the common enemy was gone the Orders returned to their normal, the hate of the Sith Order rebuilt under the Dark Lord Regoram and the Grandmaster swiftly moved to match the Sith's intensity; a series of conflicts killed hundreds of Jedi and Sith alike, and it all culminated with the Battle of Ziost (Third Jedi War), where numerous Jedi were slain and dozens turned towards the dark side such as Alexis Ineria.

The battle ended with a stunning Sith Victory, the Jedi were looked down at by the Republic for such a foolish attack on a Sith stronghold world. The Sith Order soon would strike back at the Jedi, the Sith Order with support from an Imperial Task Force bombarded the Jedi Temple on Ossus nearly obliterating it, killing hundreds more Jedi. The Jedi Order now broken and depleted moved to Naboo as a way to remain off the face of the galaxy, despite it's best efforts, the Jedi would eventually be drawn into the Fallen War.