Council of Death


The Sovereign War

Skirmish on Hypori

Imperial Purges


258 ABY



  • Primarch Evander Remus

501st Stormtrooper Legion

  • Erus Bellum
  • Hypori PDF soldiers
  • Traitor Imperial army soldiers
  • Traitor Stormtroopers



"Tell Admiral Drale we found what the large presence was! A force loving Imperial Titan!"
―Captain Mikalas Storm

The Skirmish on Hypori was brief battle between the loyalist of Primarch Evander Remus and the 501st Stormtrooper legion lead by Captain Mikalas Storm under the guidance of Admiral Osiss Drale. The battle was brief and swift due the Primarch's willingness to submit to the will of the Emperor and his new orders.

The BattleEdit

The Palatine arrived within hours from departing from Bastion and was immediately attacked by the Hypori Planetary Defense Forces under the orders of Primarch Evander Remus, the Palatine immediately returned fire and destroyed the Imperial II and Imperial I class star destroyers which started to attack them as the entered the system from hyperspace. Admiral Drale immediately dispatched the 501st to begin making planet fall. Captain Storm was at the front when the fighting begun, his men were being attacked by a large unknown presence alongside troops from both the Hypori PDF and traitor Imperial military elements.

The battle was intense but only lasted and hour and a half. Captain Storm lost a moderate amount of men before the large presence was revealed, it was the Erus Bellum, the only completed Imperial Titan. Soon after the Erus Bellum was discovered Primarch Evander Remus came forward and surrendered. The shuttle ride back was bitter for Storm who wanted to haul off and beat the Primarch for causing the deaths of his men but was given strict orders that the Primarch be kept alive and in well condition.

The EndEdit

"Was this a test Admiral?"
―Captain Storm

Upon reaching the bridge with the Primarch; a man revealed himself wearing dark robes and took the Primarch away. Admiral Drale informed Captain Storm that he had no idea what was going on and that the man was a member of the Dark Jedi Order and was Enforce Hekate. Both Drale and Storm were confused but returned to Bastion unknowing what was to become of them.