Sirius Pendragon
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212 ABY

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Yellow (Formally Blue)

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Sirius Pendragon (Otherwise known as Darth Blade) is a fallen Jedi Knight from the once presitigous Pendragon Family. He is the fourth youngest child out of five and the brother o Elysium Pendragon. With a long romance with the late Jedi Master Mara Sentirios, she eventually gave birth to their love child, Luminotia Pendragon.



Sirius was born the youngest in a family of five, he was the only son out of four sisters. He grew up at the Jedi Temple at Coruscant with his force sensitive sisters. Sirius was a shy kid so he never had the courage to make too many friends, he was also timid and rarely did anything risky that may endanger his time in the Temple. One day however, Sirus was pressured into going to the undercity with his sisters to look for the Pazaak dens, Sirius's master had always told him to stay away from there because of the Exchange workings, but Sirius buckled under the pressured and joined his sisters at the den.

While at the den Sirius's eldest sister challenged a few locales into a game, unfortunely she challeneged an undercover exchange thug and ultimately defeated him in a game. The thug found it extremely humiliating to lose to her and called over his friends to threaten her to give him back his credits. Sirius's sister refused calling the thug a sore loser, thatcomment abrupted into a shoot out. She tried to defend herself, but failed not having fully mastered the art of lightsaber combat. Sirius was the first to gaze as his sister was brutally shot down, he shouted aloud, and accidently grabbed the attention of thugs. Sirius was backed up in the corner by the thugs, he tried deperately to search for his sister, but found them already held down by other thugs. Sirius closed his eyes as the thugs around him began to raise their guns.

Sirius opened his eyes again hearing the sound of gun fire and the hum of a lightsaber.He looked down seeing the thugs that cornered him dead, he was slammed to the wall again however by his remaining three sisters who were rushing to him glad that he was okay. Sirius gazed again seeing his master slashing away at the remaining thugs. He felt bad about letting his sister come to this place and felt worse knowing his master had to come save them. He however pointed out to his downed sister and they all rushed to her side.

Sirius tried to get a pulse, but shook his head not feeling any. His sisters grieved as their master was still finsihing off the thugs not paying much attention to their cries over their dead sister. Sirius felt a rush of rage at the thugs as he ignited his green lightsaber and charged at one of the thugs his master was fighting. The master tried to stop him, but keeping his eyes on Sirius he forgot about the thug behind him. Sirius stopped suddenly hearing his master yell and then hearing his master's voice fall silent. He turned seeing him in the same position as his eldest sister, lifeless, and burnt. raising their guns.

The remaining two thugs surrounded the greiving Sirius again. He looked up again seeing him being cornered again, Sirius clutched him lightsaber and swung aroun d violently cutting both of them in half. He panted heavily trying to let go of his anger, but fell onto the ground in sorrow seeing his dead sister and master. Ever since then Sirius promised to never do anything reckless now knowing the ultimate consequences.

Once Sirius was back at the Temple neither him or his sisters were expelled. The masters mostly feared that the Sith would take Sirius in because of his anger. Another Jedi, Master Shadow took Sirius in believing in his talents within the force. Sirius was trained next to his best friend Darren Gand who was the complete opposite of Sirius, a rule breaking, and a wreckless student, but always gave Sirius courage whenever he needed it. Since SIrius spent alot of time with his new friend he found it hard to spend time with his still grieving sisters since they all were assinged different masters.

Sirius's friend list continued on a nice afternoon when Darren encouraged Sirus against his will to go to Corellia with him. Sirius wasn't too happy about it going, but recent history shows he isn't a person that likes to argue. On the transport ship on Corellia however Sirius had gotten his first crush spotting a girl in the seat across from Darren and him. Darren found it funny and force pushed Sirius onto her knocking them both down. The girl was angry at Sirius for such an uncalled for hit even though Sirius tried to explain it wasn't his fault. Sirus felt bad again that she already hated him, but he got over it as soon as the transport ship landed. Just before leaving the girl on the ship confrotned them again, she introduced herself as Mara and decided to follow them on their little adventure, Sirius could never guess why she had a change of heart though. Even though Sirius tried his best to hide it, but it was clear to Mara he had a thing for her.

Young AdulthoodEdit

The trio Sirius, Darren, and mara went everywhere together and even shared the same master after Mara's reassined her to Shadow. Darren had left Siruus and Mara alone alot knowing how bad Sirius's crush in her was, but Sirius didnt apprecite it as much Darren thought he would. Sirius feared that it was getting way too obvious to her and worried she might find out. Unfortunely for Sirius she knew for awhile and played off his shyness just to see how far she could until Sirius cracked.

Sirius had exelled greatly in his studies and dicipline. Other masters knew he would be a great asset to the Jedi order, most thought he was ready to take his trials. Sirius was excited to hear the masters thought he was ready, but Shadow however declined. He had know about Sirius's little adventures across the galaxy with his friends and thought he needed more time to know not to break the code and Padawan restrictions against his word. Sirius didnt question his master's methods and decided to do as he wished, he decided to play it safe and stopped the adventures for awhile until of course he was a knight.

Darren however was not happy to hear of Sirius's new pledge. He continued to pressure Sirius to go to Csllia with him and Mara to check out the Chiss cities. Sirius ultimately refused until Mara asked him to come, even though Sirius was shy he could never refuse a request from her. Sirius swallowed his pride and left with them to Csllia even though he had a bad feeling in his gut about the trip. Unfortune for Sirius he was right, about half way to Csllia the ship was attacked by a crew of renegade Dark Jedi. The whole transport was brought to Korriban to shacking and looting. Sirius felt fear rush into him, but concentrated more on making sure the scared Mara was safe.

The passengers were unloaded off the ship as Sith troopers went though and looted anything they could find off the ship, after that had satified them they frisked the passengers and grabbed anything worth anything on the market. Once the Sith were finished they locked the passengers into the tomb of Ludo Kressh deep in the Shyrack caves so no one would be able to find them. Inside however the trio were locked in concealing their Jedi heritage so they wouldn't be excuted on the spot.

While inside the tomb many weak minded passengers soon went insane with their past painful memories and soo turned on each other or killed themselves. The tomb soon turned into a battlefield between the insane and the sane. Sirius and Mara had hid in the closed off part of the tokmb with the rest of those who still have their mind intact, however Darren was no where to be found. Outside the closed tombs Sirius could here screams, rips, splatters, and even lightsaber hums.

The chaos ended only after one day. The sane passengers that locked themselves in another part of the tomb were frightened and hungry. Sirius and Mara held each other close the whole time fearing what may have happened to Darren, but they soon got their answer when the door that the passenegers sealed with stones collapsed in a cloud of dust. All watched and wondered if the insanes had got in or a rescue team, but they didnt get any of it, instead Darren alone, covered in blood with his orange lightsaber still ignited walked in, and plopped beside Mara and Sirius taking a huge breath. All were shocked to see him alive and just sitting down without saying a single word, but the same thing was traveling in all their minds as they starred at Darren: What had happened out there?

Darren looked around after taking a few more breaths and help himself to his feet as he shuttered infront of the small crowd. Darren spoke calmly saying the insanes lashed out at him and he slaughtered them all. He also mentioned some Sith came in to look at the commotion and he said he took them out also clearing a path of escape. The remaining passengers jumped with weak glee as they rushed out of the tob toward freedom. Sirius and Mara however stayed and glared at Darren, the term slaughtered bothered them both greatly, but knew that it wasn't the right time to talk. The trio rushed out of the tomb right after the passengers.

Outside the passenegrs quickley entered the empty transport the Sith idioticly forgot to disable thinking the passengers would never escape the tomb. Before Sirius and Mara entered they all stopped and faced Darren who refused to go. They both asked why, but Darren answered that he stay wasn't finished, like he did during the forst confrontation with Mara he forced pushed them both into the ship. The surviving passenegers didnt care much that Darren wanted to stay and closed the doors and blasted off back to Coruscant.

Back at Coruscant, Sirius and Mara both comfronted their master and admitted everything that had happened. Shadow asked what had happened to Darren before saying anything else and they replied that he wanted to saty behind to finish his revenge. Shaodw felt a disturbence sencing Darren had a taste of the darkside within the tombs and felt that he may have already been lost, nevertheless he told both Sirius and Mara to go totheri rooms while he spoke with the Council on the matter.

Sirius mopped into his room feeling terrible letting Darren talk him into going to Csllia, he mainly felt bad for Mara and the scare she had been through in the whole experience. Sirius slowly fell asleep knowing how long the Council can take making a decsion. He was awoken in the middle of the night however by Darren who had just returned from Korriban. Sirius jumped from his bed and started t question what happened and what he do, but Darren didnt answer any of it, all he said was where Shadow was and asked Sirius to take a lightsaber from his belt. Sirius blindly obeyed not knowing Darren's angle, but once he ignited the crimson red blade Sirius knew exactly what he was going to do. Sirius slammed down the lightsaber down and argued with Darren for an hour, but ultimatly Sirius couldnt deny the facts that the Jedi were holding them back even as knight just because they liked to travel.

Sirius agreed to help Darren, he would get Mara to coem while Darren had a few words with Shadow. Mara however wouldn't give into the facts that Sirius was telling her and ended up smacking and tossing him out of her room. Sirius was saddened by this turn of events, but that soon changed when he heard Darren's voice from across the hallway to leave the Temple and fast. Sirius didnt want to leave Mara, but he knew he had too for Shadow was taking the brutal way of dealing with dark Jedi before they fully turn. Darren and Sirius ran for the exit, but was soon cut off by Shadow bringing them into a fierce battle. In the end Sirius was struck down with the butt of Shadow's saber and Darren tried his best to fend off his fomrer master while quickley getting Sirius out. Darren was able to pull a surprise stun on Shadow and get him and Sirus to the ship he came in on and leave Coruscant no longer Jedi.

Young Adulthood (Sith)Edit

Sirius was nervous making another fresh start on the horrid planet of Danuta Darren had recently found out that that was the place the Sith were forming. Darren had fit in nicely with the crowd of wannabe Sith by telling his tale of how he massacred all the insane people in tomb of Ludo Kressh. Sirius however wasn't feeling so good being around all the dark energy, it was too much of a change between his usual light surroudings. Sirius on the other hand soon coped, he had always been good at adapting when he was young.

Sirius studied his new public and got an understanding on how they thought and acted. He mimicked most of them, but never fully understood why they did things like that until much later. Sirius trained in the Sith Academy for a few months, earning pretige, and excellerating in the studies fast until the dark lord of that time caught Sirius in his eye. Sirius was already a top ranked Sith student at the Academy and was qucikley becoming a true Sith himself. He enjoyed causing pain to prisoners and found a favorite new power of force Lightning he used whenever he could.

The Lord decided to take Sirius as his own apprentice after Sirius slaghtered twenty people merciously on a hijacked transport ship. The lord taught Sirius all that he could about the force, he however distrot seeing how Sirius much preferred to use his force powers then his lightsaber which was always clipped to his belt, but never used. Sirius leanred alot from his new master and respected him even more then he respected Shadow. However that all changed after Sirius was given his newest mission from his master.

The mission was to rescue the Sith spies that were captured trying to get information on the weak spots on Naboo. Sirius willingly accepted this mission knowing it would be simple for someone of his calibur. Sirius quickley got his things and shot off to Naboo in his old A-wing to avoid suspicion.

While on Naboo Sirius got a hold of the captive spy's force prescene and followed it quickley, but stealthly. He followed his sences to a secret base on Naboo disguised to look old and abandon, Sirius found it strange that he didnt feel anyone else in the base except for the spies. He felt nervous, but he had a mission to accomplish and forced himself in. Sirius found the spies tied up and gagged, Sirius approached them and was ambushed by two heavily cloaked Jedi.

Sirius spat on the ground having waited for a fight like this. The two Jedi appeared to be female, both of them carrying a single blue lightsaber, and having their face concelaed under their hood to avoid being recongnized if the Sith got away. Sirius grinned however wanting a fight and lashed out at them woth his double lightsaber. Strikes were casted and injuries made between both of them. The Jedis were strong, but couldnt beat Sirius as fast as they hoped. The fighting continued well over an hour until Sirius got one Jedi from behind and killed her using force lightning. The other Jedi seemed to have started to weep under her hood seeing Sirius kill her companion. The one remaining Jedi stopped fighting and knelt to mourn her loss.

Sirius laughed circling her with his lightsaber still ingited. The female Jedi knew that all hope was lost when Sirius raised his saber over her head. She quickley turned realizing her fate, but screamed one thing before Sirius stabbed her in the chest: His name. When Sirius disengaged his lightsaber he felt wierd that she knew his name. He knelt beside the body and took off the dead Jedi's hood. What Sirius saw shokced him as he stumbled back covering his hand over his mouth. For Sirius had just killed two of his sisters.

Sirius stayed for an a day giving his two sisters a proper burning. He greived and doubted the darkside for the first time for directing him to kill two of his sisters. Afterwards Sirius untied and ungagged the spies and sent them loose to go back to Danuta. As Sirius started to leave he felt another prescene on the planet, one he knew he had to find. Sirius left his ship again and headed for the marketing area. He felt the prescene again in the locale tavern, he entered and his eye caught the sight of an old Jedi friend.

Sirius slowly entered and was immediatly recongnized by the Jedi. The Jedi walked up to Sirius and slapped him again. Sirius was shocked, but expected it nonetheless and knew he deserved it. Sirius apologized to Mara as fast as he could, but she didnt accept it, after taking a quick look of the robes he was wearing Mara didnt even want to be near him. Sirius did what he could to convince her that he wasn't a Sith, but a shadow. It took time, but Sirius's dark influence eventually got to her like Darren had gotten to him and she forgave him for leaving the Temple.

For the past few days Sirius returned to Danuta, but stayed on Naboo with Mara, Eventually falling for each other like before, but because Mara believed in the traditions of old she wouldn't let herself be wed however others called them by husabdn and wife even in truth they were not. In secret Sirus snuck off to the Sith Temple to further his trainning and become a master as he hopped, but the dark lord soon caught wind of Sirius's relationships with a Jedi and took it upon himself to rid Sirius of a weakness, he had to wait of course until the time was right.

A year past and Sirius's life grew stranger to Mara. She had noticed he disappeared sometimes even over a long period of time, Sirius tried his best to say he was only helping the Grey order. Mara was worried, but believed what he said until she found out she was pregnant. Sirius stayed with her mostly throughout this time kind of excited to have a child to call their own, but realized the Sith back on Danuta suspected him as a growing traitor.

After nine months Mara had given birth to Sirius's daughter Luminotia Pendragon. Luminotia was special in many ways, even in a tough time she could always realied on to soften the mood. Sirius loved her dearly and did his best to make sure she was treated right, but sue to Sirius's Sithood she was exposed to alot of dark energy which began to show over the years, Luminotia's attitude began to change from light and cheery to dark and depressing. Sirius worried for her, but didnt know he was the cause.

Four years later, Sirius was ready for his final test into Masterhood in the Sith. The Lord had told him to rest in his room while he readied the final test. What Sirius didnt know was that the Lord had sent the same spies Sirius rescued to round up his secret family but they had fled to an unknown planet and the Lord needed Sirius to tell them where to find them. So the Lord was able to trick Sirius in giving the coordinates of the Jedi sanctuary known as Aub Simbel if he promised not to hurt Mara, the Lord agreed.

With a giant attack force of Sith, the Lord raided and attacked the peaceful planet of Aub Simbel. Sirius had slaughtered many Jedi in battle had become crazed within the darkside. He confronted Mara in the great church and demanded that Luna be turned over to him so that she amy become a Sith like him. Mara refused and expressed her sadness of Sirius's new attitude. the Sith were about to strike Mara, but her brother, Aron, interfered and killed the Sith. Sirius, enraged, engaged into a duel with Aron only to end up chopping Aron's arm off.

As Sirius was about to give the final strike, Mara pushed him from behind and by accident, Sirius chopped her in half with his lightsaber. As Mara laid dying, Luminotuia cried over her body and Sirius grew enraged knowing the Lord had tricked him into killing her by getting him crazed with power. Sirius wept and took Mara so he could bury her on Ruusan in the valley of the Jedi while the Lord took Luminotia to Korriban after the battle. Sad and fueled by his rage, Sirius confronted the Lord and attacked him once on Korriban.

Like the fight with Mara Sirius easily struck down the Lord, but didnt get the total satisfaction he thought he would have. Having killed his master Sirius had finished his training and finally became a full fledged Sith Master under his new alias as Darth Blade...

Beginning of Darth BladeEdit

With Mara and his master dead, Blade wasn't held back anylonger as he starred at the Lord's corpse before him, however more eyes watched the fight then he thought. Blade turned hearing a loud shriek coming from the back of the crowd. It didnt take him long to find out that it was Luminotia, she missed the killing of her mother, but witnessed her father's insanity striking down the dark lord with no such remorse or mercy. Blade tried to stop her, but Luminotia ran off into the unknown afraid her father would turn on her too. Blade spent a week searching for Luminotia, but came to the conclusion he had lost her, Blade was grieved to see that she had left him and eventually began to accept that she was lost somewhere in the Galaxy.

It took awhile, but Blade got over losing Luminotia into the unknown, but he had a feeling that she was still alive somewhere. Blade had to move on though and did so taking his first mission to Taris to take out a number of Jedi in the area. Blade humbly accepted his mission and left immediately to kill the Jedi swarming around Taris.

While on Taris Blade qucikely encountered one of the Jedi targets, a female Padawan with promising strength. They engaged each other ina fierece fight that eventually attracted another female Jedi Padawan to the scene. After hours of fighting Blade eventually proved victorious in knocking out the second Padawan and bringing the first one to her knees, but before Sirius could finish her a wave of lightning struck him.

Blade turned to find a heavily cloaked man who looked neither Jedi nor Sith. Blade immediately engaged him in combat, but in the end turned out evenly matched. The man however bagn to flee, but not before he reveiled himself as a Shadow Jedi, a Jedi Blade made himself seem to Mara. Blade didnt care who he was for the moment when he returned to the Padawan he had defeated. Blade gave her a proposition to join him and become his appretice, the Jedi thought for a second, and decided to join him rather then die. While leaving Taris with his new apprentice Blade decided to spare the other Padawan for she was young. Blade stopped in his tracks however hearing a distress from a Sith ally on Corellia. Him with his apprentice Saria blasted off toward Corellia to aid the other Sith.

Corellia had turned into a battlefield from the force users fighting for control of it. When Blade and his apprentice arrived on the planet they found the Sith master who had sent the distress signal, but Blade was reluctant to help for he was fighting the Shadow Jedi Elder. Nevertheless Blade jumped into the fray to aid his ally and together both fought valiantly against the elder.

Blade was soon cut off from the fight when he noticed his apprentice gone. He searched through the force and found out that the Shadow who he had fought on Taris came to Corellia and took Saria with him. Blade vowed to kill both of them once the battle was over, but unfortunely for Blade it was only heating up. It wasn't too long after he vowed the Padawan he fought on Taris returned and challeneged him.

The battle was won easily for Blade overwhleming the Padawan in the fight, but upon delevering the fianl blow he was once again struck by lightning by the same person. Blade turned to find the Shadow again, but this tiem with Saria at his side. Blade cursed him and charged into a fight with him. The fight was long and heated, but in the end it was draw with both of them exhausted from the fight, but grew to respect each other. They both grinned in their fighting stances breathing heavily, slowly Blade and him introduced themselves and left Corellia to be decided by the other force users, but swore the next time they meet it would the last of one of them.

It wasn't long until Blade found another calling on the planet known as Tatooine. He trended through the unknown desert following his sences to a familar prescene who was calling him to an open space in the middle of the desert. It was calm when Blade arrived, but he could sence the person he was to meet was here. Blade meditated for a bit until he saw a relatively old man ingiting a blue saber come forth to him. Blade immediately recongnized him as his old master, the one he thought was shot down on Coruscant. Blade had questions for him, but his old master only answered a few of them, one question was where Luminotia was, but apprently she was safe on Bastion which releaved Blade to know she was okay.

His last question was the only one he answered besides where Luminotia was and that question was what did his old master plan to do. His old master, Tirisius, simply got into his lightsaber stance and waited for Blade to the same. Blade grnged however, he didnt think he had what it took to beat Tirisius. Tirisius was the first to make a move while Blade simply defended himself against his attacks.

The fight was a day long. Blade was dead tired of fighting , but Tirisius hadnt even broke a sweat yet. Blade was astonded that an old man could be so full of energy, but he relized he had to beat him no matter what. It took an hour, but Blade fianlly got a fatal on strike Tirisius slitting his throat with a lucky shot. Tirisius gasped for air, but was able to severe Blade's arm before he died.

Blade was suffering from bloodloss, he had to think of something and quick, Blade grabbed his lightsaber, and stumbled into his ship and blasted off to a planet that was nearby that could maybe help him. Blade didnt make it far however and crashed his ship on Ziost. Blade wandered into the forest and collapsed on the ground knowing that his life might be over. His life flashed before his eyes, Mara, Luminotia, his sisters, Blade shed a tear thinking of everything he was going to miss, but before he thought anymore he let out a huge surge of force to maybe attract a nearby Sith to help him.

Someone came though, but no one Blade expected. Saria had felt his prescene and had came to Blade. She was about to heal him after Blade swore he wasn't going to try and kill her anylonger, but was stopped by her master Rajan, Blade rival on Taris and Corellia. Blade cursed and laughed at the ironic fate and knew that he was now dead for sure. Rajan said that he wasn't going to kill him, but infact heal him only and only if he renounces Sith hood and becomes a Shadow.

Blade relcuctantly and regretfully accepted and was healed by Rajan. He was given a Bacta put for his arm until he could get a robotic replacement, but Rajan wasn't finished with his surprises and showed Blade his second apprentice Kylorn, the Sith who Blade fought beside with on Corellia. Blade felt like a traitor having renounced his Sith hood and followed the same trraitorous path as Kylorn. Kylord however was glad to see this, but Blade through the fiorce swore to make him regret turning. Kylorn from then on kept a closer eye on Blade as they left the planet to go to Vjun. While on Vjun Blade had to cope with his new identity, but soon relized that he was a Sith and Sith lie. He simply grinned and abandoned his position as a Shadow and converted himself back to Sith. As he was leaving Vjun, Kylorn sent him a force message saying the next they meet he would kill Blade.

Blade needed more training if he was to defeat Rajan and his former ally Kylorn and went to Korriban to consult his spirit guide Naga Sadow. After a long conversation Naga's spirit informed Blade that he would exceed the throne of Dark Lord and shroud the galaxy in darkness, he also said Blade would win the right to rest with the Dark Lord once his life has passed. WIth this confidence Blade set off from Korriban and headed off toward Naboo for a final climatic battle after getting a new arm.

While on Naboo Blade let his dark energy run wild to attract those who hated him, but in the end he attracted more then he needed. Blade walked through the streets of Naboo and was eventually confronted by another Sith by the name of Mori, he was an apprentice searching for a master, Blade humbly accpeted to train him, but him accepting Mori was cut short when Rajan and Kylorn showed up like always. Blade and his new apprentice was ready to them, but Rajan declined to fight on Naboo and decided to fight on Kashyyyk that way no one innocent would be harmed. Blade accepted only wanting finish Rajan once and for all.

On Kashyyyk Blade and Rajan faced off for the last time while Mori busied Kylorn so he wouldn't attack Blade to give him a disadvantage. The fight was long and hard fought, but Blade ended up stunning Rajan when he was vulenrable and turned his attention to Kylorn. Blade told Kylorn that he wouldn't kill a fomrer ally, but Kylorn didnt listen and charged at Blade, but Kylorn was at a disadvantage for he had to fight Blade and Mori. This second fight wasn't long, Blade had jumped in the air and used force lightning to finally finish Kylorn. Blade mourned for a second, even though Kylorn tried to kill him, he was still an ally.

Rajan eventually snapped out of his stunned state and saw that Kylorn had been killed. Rajan was strong, but he wasn't stupid, he knewhe couldnt take on Blade and Mori at the same time and made a decsion to take his own life rather then have Blade kill him for the glory. Blade didnt mourn Rajan's death however, instead Blade remained queit. He signalled for his apprentice to leave, but turned and saw him laying on the ground coverd in blood. Blade hadnt noticed, but Kylorn had struck him in the back before he died, but Mori didnt show it.

Blade was alone of Kashyyyk, he had beaten his arch rival, killed a traitorous ally, and saw his new apprentice die of blood loss something that almost claimed him. Blade had ruined the shadow Jedi order by killing one there top masters and it wasn't long after the Sith caught wind of this that they raged war on the Shadows successfully wipping the Shadow order from the face of the galaxy. Blade's faith in the Sith order was shattered and finally...


Strong willed, Cares deeply for those he loves, he is brutal yet he doesnt kill often since his sister's death. Blade shows extreme loyalty to other force users, but doesnt care at all for the remnant. He is respectful to his allies and superior and tries hard to succeed. Blade is sort of a book worm when it comes to perfecting his force craft. Blade prefers to use force powers other then his lightsaber especially force lightning.