Sevai Te'adou was a human male born on Coruscant. Despite this, his homeworld is sometimes considered to be Myrkr, where he grew up for most of his life. Following the teachings of his father, Kie'al Te'adou, he became an adept at fighting, both with his fists and the Te'adou family staff. While not much is known about the specifics of his training, it is implied as being a brutal training, as he has several scars upon his body. It is also recorded that he has broken several bones before he was even ten.

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Sevai Te'adou
Biographical information
Born236 ABY
Physical information
Hair colorUnknown
Eye colorLight Blue
Chronological and political information
Era(s)New Era


Sevai keeps to himself, keeping silent as much as possible. While he is considered serious, he is actually just thoughtful. He uses telepathy in order to 'speak', usually. When he is in battle, he taunts his foe, usually by acting bored, or playing with them. If he's with Friends, or good allies, then he might be more chatty than usual. He's always trying to go down the gray path, believing that the force does not, by itself, have sides.