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New Sith Order
Organizational information
Title of leader

Dark Lord of the Sith

Governing body
Other positions

Sith Intelligence and Assassination

  • Ziost
  • Kesh
Official language(s)
  • Basic
  • Ancient Sith

Dark Side of the Force

Notable locations/temples


Historical information
Date of founding

250 ABY


Dark Lord of the Sith Jaster Fel

Other information
Notable members
  • Seiryu Atakusi
  • Chriff Urcha
  • Xavier Storm

The New Sith Order also known as the Sith Order is one of the two major force using organizations in the galaxy; the other being the New Jedi Order the sworn enemies of the New Sith Order. The New Sith Order replaced the Old Sith Order in 250 ABY when Dark Lord of the Sith Jaster Fel declared that the Sith would rise again and dominate the galaxy.

The New Sith Order entered its golden age under Dark Lord of the Sith Seiryu Atakusi who lead the New Sith Order to dominance over the Jedi Order in the Battle of Rhen Var which nearly decimated the New Jedi Order. Seiryu Atakusi was responsible for the Jedi returning to their ancestral homeworld of Tython. However Seiryu Atakusi disappeared from the galaxy without a trace, many suspect that he was murdered and merely disposed of.

Despite a powerful pool of force users and the backing of the Empire the New Sith Order has struggled as it is in the nature of the Sith to betray and seek to dominate one another, therefore the Order has suffered from extreme instability. This instability culminated in 264 ABY when Emperor Alaric Kicka declared the New Sith Order illegal and forced it to disband. The New Sith Order fractured and is known by the majority of the galaxy as the Sith Cults.



In the wake of the collapse of the Fifth Sith Empire and the subsequent rise of the Kicka Empire under Hadrian Kicka the New Sith Order was founded. Jaster Fel a former Dark Lord Sith Lord of the Old Sith Order and last Sith Emperor was responsible for the creation of the New Order. Jaster was once the pupil of Aeaolen Kicka™ and accumulated a vast amount of power within the Empire before founding the New Sith Order.

Fel came to Ziost with several of his closest associates and entered the vacant Temple of the Dark Lords and sat upon the throne of the Dark Lord and before his associates declared himself Dark Lord of the Sith and immediately forged an alliance with his nephew Hadrian, now Kicka Emperor. Fel expanded the realm of Sith Space to never before seen heights and was responsible for the initiation of one of the largest academy classes ever.

Fel sought to strike at the heart of the Jedi Order and knew of a gathering of Jedi on Felucia and launched an attack5 with his new Sith; something the Jedi had thought they had eradicated when the Sith Empire fell apart.