Liberation of Jabiim

Praxeum Wars




Galactic Republic victory, Praxeum defeat.


Galactic Republic (Lok)


  • Sithis
  • Angor
  • 7th Republic Fleet
  • 18th Republic Army
  • Droids
  • Heavy Artillery
  • Light and Heavy Armor



The Liberation of Jabiim or the Second battle of Jabiim was fought in the waning days of the Praxeum Wars, the 7th Republic Fleet and 8th Republic Army led by Aeaolen Kicka™ and Commander Farsun attacked a large Praxeum garrison which was being inspected by High General & Praxeum Lord Angor and Praxeum Lord Sithis.

The BattleEdit

"Sir were in a minefield!"
―Republic Army trooper

The 7th Republic Fleet and the 18th Republic Army which had comprised the 19th and 4th Army Corps engaged in an invasion of Jabiim with the objective to liberate the planet and restore democracy to the planet, the repeated calls for help by the government in exile became too numerous and dangerous to ignore, Chancellor Lok dispatched Aeaolen Kicka with the fleet and army to respond to the call.

Landing & BattleEdit

The 7th fleet entered hyperspace and Aeaolen immediately begun landing procedures and General Farsun, a close confident of the Chancellor and Aeaolen begun issuing order. Aeaolen sped off in his starfighter down towards the battle, as Aeaolen drew closer to the battle immediately the landing ships which the Republic Army was on begun to explode as the Praxeum forces unloaded missile and small arms fire against the shuttles. The large Praxeum garrison was numbering nearly 1 million droids on the planet, while undermanned, the Republic Army was aware of technical malfunctions with the droids and used this to their advantage.

Aeaolen dispatched for General RX-28 to destroy the command center, luckily the Old Jedi Order had dispatched Maya Whitelight, a Jedi Healer to help heal the wounded and return them to the fight. Aeaolen soon met Angor, the High General of the Praxeum military and a Praxeum Lord in lightsaber combat, the two former allies now were separated. Mace Lalonde was involved with the ground fighting and helped secure parts of the world which Aeaolen had't dispatched commanders too, Mace was essential in the ground to air and air to ground attacks.

Bombardment & AftermathEdit

Aeaolen recognized that the Praxeum knew they lost and begun to bombard the planets surface in areas where they had once called theirs. Aeaolen issued a full retreat order, the liberation of Jabiim had ended, it ended with the death of millions.

The Galactic Republic spent nearly 5 billion credits restoring Jabiim, Jabiim became one of the new colony's of the Galactic Republic, a shinning example of what the Galactic Republic could accomplish.