Krath Protectorate
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Aeaolen Kicka


Aeaolen Kicka




Galaxy-wide operatives.

Historical information
Formed from

197 ABY


201 ABY

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Aeaolen Kicka

The Krath Protectorate was a faction founded by Aeaolen Kicka who was an infamous force user at the time the Krath Protectorate was founded. Aeaolen had been searching for ways to gain power and hold onto it, the ancient empire of the Krath promised him ultimate power, its whispers were enough to grab hold of him.

Leadership & GovernanceEdit

Aeaolen was the Krath Emperor, an autocrat with absolute power and was assisted by the Krath Tribunal, which each of the four members bore the name of Krath Tribune, these were the highest figures within the Protectorate save for the Krath Emperor himself.

The only world which housed the Krath was Wayland, the once fortress of power for Aeaolen. Wayland was under direct administration of the Krath Emperor and the Krath Tribunal. The colonies which were setup on Wayland soon became large and the Krath appointed special representatives to govern the growing colonies. It was at this time that earliest known “Imperial Cult” arose worshipping Aeaolen Kicka as a God-Emperor like figure. Aeaolen had used his sway within the Empire to have the Office of Colonies dispatch humans to Wayland, many of these humans came from vastly poor worlds and the colonies program helped them better their lives.