Hadrian Kicka
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230 ABY

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  • Turon Firelighter

Hadrian Kicka iss the former Kicka Emperor of the Kicka Empire, and is the current Consul of the House of Kicka, Hadrian is a proud Imperial and a capable military leaders; he and his family have been cemented in the history of the galaxy as a long line of galactic rulers.


The Early YearsEdit

Born Hadrian Kicka on Bastion in 230 ABY, from a young age Hadrian was sought after by many, including the Jedi. In 230, Bastion was not controlled by the Galactic Empire or the Galactic Alliance. It was a neutral world though it did keep some ties to the Empire as it was an Imperial Fortress World. It also had close ties to Yaga Minor which was once the Capital of the Empire for a moment when the Empire was at a detrimental failing point. Hadrian was grown up in a very powerful household as his father was a close friend of several Generals in the Planetary government and the defense force. Hadrian while his father was away fighting or learning things. Hadrians life is very away from his fathers as he fathers was filled with much travel, Hadrians is filled with more bitter and destructive conflict.

Attending the Bastion Academy of Education, a very powerful and influential school, Hadrian first had hopes of one day becoming a Senator in the Imperial Senate when it was brought back, he believed that as an Imperial Senator he could change the galaxy into believing the Empire was the good guys and the Alliance were the bad guys. This was a young foolish time for Hadrian, he thought he could unite the galaxy under a single banner when he was young. That was not possible as he had no influence or military to command. Hadrian would get into trouble every now and then with the Headmaster of the Academy whom was a prominent member of the Imperial Navy and part of the Admiralty. Often the Headmaster, Admiral Kirun would scold Hadrian for not living up to the standards of the Imperial Academy and at times would suspend him from classes and other types of activities. Hadrian could careless as he would go off with the Planetary Militia and go fight on Lok or Yaga Minor with the remnants of the Empire.

On Lok, just outside a city named "Eclipse" which was a famous town that had been there for years and was one of the top Imperial Military bases on the planet came under heavy attack by Nym's Pirates. When Hadrian was 15, a prime age for him he came to realize that the Empire was making a come back into the Galaxy, it first started when the number of recruits came back to Pre-Sidious numbers. Hadrian who had finished school since going back and had graduated with Imperial Laurels, or High Imperial Honors which was rare as it usually deemed good behavior and excellence, some say that the Generals forced the Admiral to do so, others say that Hadrians threatened the Headmaster or some say that Aeaolen had forced the Headmaster under penalty of death. Hadrian, while serving with the 99th Legion of Lok came under attack in "Eclipse" and he as one of the only members who had combat experience led the charge to retake the city. The Legionary Commander, a Lieutenant General Vun promoted Hadrian to Captain in order to give him command of the group, Hadrian led the group throughout the city fearlessly and without hesitation. A report was later written up as a result of the battle a piece of it was found by the newly named Captain Hadrian.

"Captain Hadrian, as I promoted him served with more valor and distinction then any officer, trooper, or droid I have ever seen. Hadrian who was the only of the group to have combat experience on the planet of Lok came to be known as the Leader of the 99th, Though I clearly outranked him by a couple pay grades he obviously the leader of the men and the clear cut forerunner for taking over. As many people have yet to know that Hadrian was a member of the Old Sith Order, the followers of the Rule of Two, Hadrian was apprentice to one called "Darth Imperious" the Dark Lord of the Sith at the time. Many believe that this "Darth Imperious" was a figure of Hadrians imagination as so many believe the force to be but it was true as I oversaw Hadrian meeting him, a figure who almost looked as a Jedi..."

When Hadrian read the report he returned to the Planetary Government who in turn promoted Vun to General and had become a strong supporter of him. Hadrian knew that Vun would be indebted to him in a way that no one else ever was. Hadrian from there took Yaga Minor and Lok, as well as a few planets that were around the current sector of Bastion in order to help the Empire Along. The Empire under Emperor Kar or Dark Lord Kar reigned supreme. The Events that soon followed cast Hadrian into oblivion. Hadrian soon found after the return of his Father that he father cast aside his role as a Sith and turned to the Jedi, becoming Grand Master. Hadrian cursed his father and kept to his darkish ways going into Exile on Yavin IV. On Yavin IV, he met a Dark Jedi name Turon Firelighter, who was an Exile of the Sith Order. The two plotted and planned to get back at the New Sith Order for disrupting the Rule of two, which both of them Believed in. In turn created the Old Sith Order once again, Hadrian took the name "Darth Imperious" using his fathers old name, and his Apprentice took the title of "Darth Drake". Hadrain served as Dark Lord of the Sith and his apprentice Sith Lord Turon has served as his Second in Command.

Leaving Yavin IV under the landing of the Imperial Moff Togar, who was of a vicious dislike of anything Dark Side, ironic that he landed on the Moon where not only the Dark Side lived as within the Massassi Temples but where the Death Star had originally been destroyed, leaving the planet nearly butchered and beaten. The Moff had heard reports the two "Sith" had come to the planet claiming that they were the Dark Lord of the Sith and the apprentice to the Dark Lord. Having left already Hadrian and his apprentice ventured half way across the galaxy to Nar Shadda, where they made refugee as traveling merchants who went all over the galaxy looking for "rare" artifacts. In fact they were looking for ancient Sith holocrons of Darth Revan and Darth Bane, one of which had been destroyed and the other had only been a rumor. Hadrian who was not really as Dark as his counterpart did not care for much on Nar Shadda, as it was a "bantha Fodders Heaven" as he would often call it. On Nar Shadda they both learned from an Old man who was once a member of the Sith Order, A former Sith Knight named Raan who was a very powerful promising apprentice who killed his master but was shunned away because the master was the head master of the newly refunded Sith Academy on Thule. Both learning from Raan they learned many new powers, Hadrian Learned Force Lightning and Force Choke while Turon learned the ancient art of Qey'tak. Hadrian would rather learn offensive powers then his counterpart who had already known both of the abilities.

On Nar Shadda during the Planetary Holiday they came into contact with there first trouble that they had encounter, hadrian had just turned 19 and his Apprentice 21, They were at the Local Cantina which was named "Moe's End for Divine Beings" which was a really misleading title as it was one of the most scumy bars the planet had to offer, but the drinks at the bar were the best on the planet. Next to Fluba the Hutt's bar, which was the best on the planet. Hadrian while walking was bumped into by two off duty drunk Imperial officers, they both made a move for there weapons, Hadrian punched the officer in the stomach to stop him from firing his weapon and killing Hadrian and his apprentice. The other officer that stood next to him punched Hadrian in the face, making Hadrian stumble back, Hadrian drew his lightsaber and stared at the two men who now were standing back and slowly backing up. One of the men must have just sobered up as he called in reinforcements, as Hadrians blade was still Blue as he had yet to change the color to the traditional Sith Red. The hunt for the Jedi never stopped when Darth Vader and Darth Sidious were killed, the Empire always hunted them still seeing as they created the failure of the Republic and its forceful translation into the Empire. Within a few seconds seven or eight Stormtroopers rushed into the Bar, effectively clearing the bar out with a few blaster shots to the ceiling, as the officer who led the the troopers was taken down by Turon, the troopers started firing. Hadrian acting quick flung a chair into the group of the troops, knocking a few down Hadrian rushed the troopers saber drawn. Ducking and slicing one trooper he then dervished his Lightsaber and killed two more. His Apprentice had already finished the rest of the troopers off as well as the officers, or so they thought.

Running outside to see an Imperial officer stumbling to get away as he was drunk the two rushed after him, before they could reach him a detachment of troopers had been notified and came pouring out the door from the Imperial Base, Hadrian and Turon could do nothing but turn and run away, the planet from there on went into complete lock down. Managing to get back to Raan they soon found that the Imperials had found him, when they reached Raan's apartment they found him lying there with blaster shots in his chest, a few stormtroopers littered the ground around Raan, visualizing that he put up a fight but not a good enough one. All Hadrian could think was it was his fault, as he if he hadn't done such stupidity there True "Master" would be alive, as a result of there ignorance they had made the planet go into lock down and orders had been given to kill any suspicious beings that seemed to have the force. There first task was getting off planet, which would be nearly impossible because of the Imposing Imperial lock down. The two figured there best bet was to get captured by the lone Star Destroyer in space then escape from there as it would not be too hard as it had been done many times. Leaving in a civilian cargo ship the "Bluuth", the cargo ship was drawn in by the massive Imperial I-class Star Destroyer, which at the time was the "High Road" Captained by Captain Faul, a rather green Captain. As they were captured and sent to the holding chambers to be transported back to the Imperial Palace on Bastion, Hadrian formulated a plan as he knew the layout of the entire ship since he had served on one under the former Empire.

Hadrian and his Apprentice Turon had sat in the chamber for less then an hour when Hadrian broke the containment field on his cell, they were simple and could be overrode from the inside by a simple piece of metal. Getting out of the cell he ran to free his Apprentice whom had been brutally beaten by Imperial Intelligence and Imperial Security Bureau Agents who sought to get the location of several prominent Jedi Knights and Masters. Turon didn't know, he would have liked to as he would have killed them himself, the Agents thought that Hadrian and Turon were Jedi as they both bore colored blades of Jedi, Hadrian's blue and Turons yellow. The Symbol of a Knight and the Symbol of a Padawan. Ironic is that's basically what they were but in Sith terms, completely different. Hadrian freeing his apprentice knew that if they were to survive they would have to kill the crew and commandeer the ship. Hadrian rushed to the ventilation terminals, slicing the code and breaking the ships toxin filter which filtered toxins out, he then overloaded the reactor to release a harmful chemical that would surely kill the crew members. The two grabbed the emergency equipment before doing so, the rebreathers made excellent gas masks. After 10 to 15 minutes they went scouting the ship to see that it worked, the crew had been all killed, the Captain and all of its crew. Hadrian knew that these Destroyers could be flown by a crew of 1 it was just difficult, but not difficult for someone who used the force and was as powerful as Hadrian.

Hyperspacing out of Nar Shadda, Hadrian re-routed that Signature to a small craft that floated in Nar Shadda space, the Imperials would think that the "High Road" was still in space around Nar Shadda, though it wasn't it was now in the space around Korriban which had been unconquered by the Jedi and the Republic. The Sith had almost forgotten about the world as it was not strategic for anything really, it just held lots of old temples and old stories and scrolls. Many believed it to be haunted by the force ghosts of all the old Sith Lords and Jedi that died on the world. Korriban, as many sought after it was a world that many Dark Jedi or Sith Wannabes come to learn from and try to find these "rare" artifacts that no longer exist. Hadrian and Turon made there way to the entrance of the Sith Academy which had been nearly destroyed and brutally beaten up by years of weathering and war. Hadrian who kept the Destroyer on Autopilot in the atmosphere around the planet went down with his apprentice to seek the guidance of some of the Spirits of the Dark Lords, most notably the spirit of Ajunta Paul, one of the Oldest and First Dark Lords of the Sith. Though Turon had different plans.

Hadrian who would often venture off from his apprentice to seek knowledge from the ancient library that Darth Bane once learned in would find he apprentice watching him or sneaking around. Hadrian had thought nothing of it as he felt his apprentice had no reason to try to usurp the title of Dark Lord but he knew that the lure of power was ever present. Hadrian found the holocron of a Simus, an ancient Sith Lord that lived during the age of Marka Ragnos and Naga Sadow. Simus was much inclined to let Hadrian learn from his as Simus saw that Hadrian was much like himself when he was younger, much younger. Hadrian for the rest of the year learned in secret from the ancient Sith Lord, noting what Simus said about power, Simus was killed for power by Naga Sadow. Simus noted to Hadrian that if he was to survive he would have to protect himself or kill his apprentice, Simus, who had been one of the wisest Sith Lords of his time said that Killing him would only further the problem that Hadrian was to have, protection of himself was better and smarter as it would lead to Hadrians ultimate power surge. Learning the rest of the year was filled with mostly Lightsaber lessons and a few meditative sessions.

Spending the Year on Korriban, Hadrian and Turon celebrated there 20th and 22nd Birthday the way they knew how, to drink the day away. Turon had another idea. Turon over the past had become rather "Suspicious", acting weird, sneaking around and attempting to gather information on Hadrian, Hadrian after finishing training with the Sith Lord Simus realized that he apprentice did intend to kill him and usurp the title of Dark Lord. Hadrian would not let this happen at all, it was not going to be the end of Hadrian Kicka, Son of Aeaolen Kicka, one of the if not the most powerful Force User this galaxy has ever seen. Hadrian confronted his apprentice on the grounds of the Valley of the Sith Lords, Ironically on the same place that Ludo Kessh and Naga Sadow fought for the mantle of the Dark Lord of the Sith during the Hundred Years Darkness. Hadrian met his Apprentice untop of the small building and looked at his apprentice, seeing heresy and treachery in his eyes. Turon from the beginning had wanted to usurp the title of Dark Lord of the Sith for nearly 3 years now since they first met, but what Turon forgot was that Hadrian was extremely powerful and wise, as he had studied under the ancient Sith Lord Simus and been taught things that had been lost since the Hundred Years Darkness. Hadrian and his apprentice dueled atop the building as they fought more and more Turon saw the error in his ways. Turon was clearly not powerful enough to usurp the title of Dark Lord, endlessly he attempted to beat Hadrian mentally recalling painful memories through a technique he was taught by Tulak Horde, who in reality taught Turon the power to further kill Turon, not destroy Hadrian. Tulak, who was a ancient Sith Lord had already taught Hadrian what he needed to know.

The duel atop the building ended in a known fashion, Hadrian and Turon both exhausted by the duel were still fighting, more sluggish and tired then normal. Hadrian who with force lightning struck a blow on Turons arm, causing him to drop his Lightsaber, and fall to his knees. Hadrian could clearly see that Turon saw his error and as Turon pleaded with Hadrian to spar him and let him rot away on Korriban, Hadrian didn't agree. Knowing that if he was left alive, he would attempt to take revenge on Hadrian and attempt to kill him once again. Hadrian could not allow that, he knew what needed to be done. Hadrian just stood staring at his apprentice, almost sad to have to kill him as he had not wanted to, they had grown up together but Hadrian's anger once again took the best of his. Looking at his apprentice and muttering a few words of disappointment he finished Turon off with a vicious blow to the head, severing it from the body and allowing it to roll slightly. Simus who stood behind Aeaolen now as a Force Spirit who had been released by Hadrian was proud and in a redeemed form. Simus was now one with the force.

Hadrian now made his way back to the Academy to gather his belongings and go away to the unknown regions, never to be seen again. Things didn't go as planned. Apparently the Empire sent a task force to Nar Shadda to check on the "High Road" and once it found it wasn't there, they were pretty angry. The asked around and found out that the NSSF, or Nar Shadda Security Force had received the Charts for the "High Road" and gave them to none other then. Moff Togar, who was hunting the rogue Sith under orders of Primarch Aeaolen Kicka and Emperor Mar Regoram Gore. Hadrian entered the Academy only to find hundreds of Stormtroopers, maybe thousands, led by none other then Moff Togar and Primarch Aeaolen Kicka, Aeaolen had no idea that his son was the claimant to the Old Sith Order Throne. Aeaolen who had hunted Hadrian and Turon never knew there true identities, no one had. Aeaolen had no idea that he was hunting his own son. Upon Arrival at the Sith Academy on Korriban he found out. Hadrian was beaten down and brought to the Moff, who had no idea the relation between the two. Aeaolen stood with his back turned as his Son was beaten half to death by numerous troops and the Moff himself took a few shots as him. Aeaolen turning around to see his son bloodied and beaten immediately lost it. Drawing his saber killing the few troopers around Hadrian and gripping the Moff by the neck. The Moff was still in shock from the event. Hadrian fell to the floor as Aeaolen went to hold his son who he had thought was dead after not hearing from him for years. The Moff who now investigated further into the appearance of both came to the conclusion that they were related. Togar fell down in a swift moment, fainting from such fear as to what would happen.

Hadrian awoke in the Med bay aboard the "Vengeance" next to Moff Togar, Hadrian smiled to see the Moff there, it was ironic that he hunted him and was lying right next to him. Hadrian had his scars and bruises but he had much more then that. A Few broken bones, nothing time or the force couldn't heal. Hadrian turned to his side to see his father, meditating, Hadrian slowly stood up and made his way to the bridge. Still dressed in his clothing but his cloak was removed. Hadrian made his way to the bridge and everyone had saluted him, he wasn't sure why. Hadrian saluted back but was unsure why everyone saluted him, he hadn't done anything to receive such prominence and respect. Making his way to the front of the bridge to overlook space where the stood around Wayland. Hadrian was met with his fathers hand on his shoulder. The first time he had seen his father in years. The two spoke for hours about what had happen, laughs and some painful memories had been brought up. Hadrian was brought back to Zoist to meet the Emperor, and close friend. Hadrian met the Emperor and the real Dark Lord and was immediately gifted with the rank of Executor. The Second-In-Command of the Empire. Regoram had respected what Hadrian had done and had respected Aeaolen's choice of a requesting a high position for him. Hadrian himself was so highly respected by the men and women in the Empire that he himself had smiled when he had received the command. Hadrian in front of a crowd of millions changed his Lightsaber from Blue to Red to signal his transformation from Teenager to a Man.


Hadrian received his post as Executor and eventually gained the title of Grand Vizier and served valiantly under his Father, Hadrian though did not do much as he was doing the day to day administration of the Empire, managing taxes and weighing options on diplomacy. Hadrian took pride in his duties, as his father had assigned them to him. Hadrian though never lost his lust for battle and often would train to keep himself tip top shape. With the declaration of the Sith Empire Hadrian followed his father and respected Dark Lord Fel, he served as the same position, Executor/Grand Vizier. When Aeaolen left Hadrian inherited the Kicka throne but gave it to Lord Fel as Hadrian did not wish to rule as Emperor, yet.

As the vengeance of war burned throughout the galaxy and the conflict on Kuat raged Hadrian did not partake in the action, yet he let his father do the actions as he knew his father's time was at a very limited base. As Kuat burned out the war shifted to Dubrillion as initiated by Lord Sithis, Hadrian spurred by the leaving of his father sought to change himself in such a manner that he'd surpass his father in everything he ever could think of. He now leads the New Galactic Empire or the Kicka Empire. Hadrian has allowed for a greater freedom in the Kicka Empire, allowing the people to chose their own leaders. While the Moff's are appointed to the Moff Council, they real power in the systems is the elected officials, they can make a Moff very afraid, save for the Moff's military power. Hadrian after inheriting the Empire from his father instituted changes in which lead the Kicka Empire to the top of the galaxy in power and wealth.

Hadrian allowed for more and more changes to come to his Empire, his finally returned the posts of the old Imperial Advisors, such as the Executor and Grand Vizier, with the arrival of the new posts he had to fill them, and he did so. A young man, a young intelligent man had caught his eye, Roan Hask, a former Imperial Inquisitor and man who had the eye of Hadrian for many years, and Hadrian really took to his talent or merit. Soon Hask was altered to his promotion to Executor, and he arrived with a furry. Hask brought along with him brought many friends to the attention of the Emperor, Admiral Haran, Admiral Freecrest, Admiral Vyrk. They became the Emperor's inner circle and inner Council. They hatched plans to conquer the galaxy back, and the ultimate prize. Coruscant.

Hadrian throughout the endless meetings and conferences was beginning to realize his fathers dream of the Kicka Empire becoming a true Galactic power. Hadrian realized that he had the power and means to achieve galactic dominion, and that was his goal, and still is, and forever will be. With his brother at the position of High Moff he knew that a coup was not going to happen, the forces all remained loyal to him. When that changed, so did Hadrian. Hadrians brother, Tyrus eventually stepped down from the position as High Moff, this was the first in a series of changes. Tyrus removed from his power state and retreated to the Kicka Fortress in the Unknown Regions under his own will. Hadrian, without a heir-apparent went to his uncle, someone of the Kicka Bloodline, Fel. Fel accepted the position and soon had his official coronation.

The Inner Council of Hadrian's Empire were devious men, they all had ambitions but all of them seized their power and were content with it, however the oddball out, an impressive women named Ziliyia Sillistia came to Hadrian's attention through the channels of his spies and other officials working within the Empire. Sillistia had impressed upon the Emperor and Hadrian granted her the title of Grand Commissioner of COMPNOR and rights to re-create COMPNOR, or the Coalition for the Preservation of the New Order, an elite fanatical branch dedicated to the survival of the New Order and the Emperor himself; Hadrian was content with the job of the Grand Commissioner, she however begun to pull and pull for more power.

Hadrian had always had faith in his Uncle Fel and he tasked him with an important mission, destroying the Mandalorian Empire which was becoming ever more resurgent and powerful. Hadrian told Fel that the helmet of Manda'lor must come into possession of the Emperor and then the Mandalorian clans can never be truly united and are left without a leader. Some months passed and Fel acted as the fist of the Emperor however time grew and as the war tide approached that Fel, the High Moff and Regent of the Empire stepped down, Hadrian immediately recalled his brother Tyrus and they allowed him to return.

Hadrian launched a new campaign against the galaxy known as the Sovereign War by many who fought in, from it's start to it's end Hadrian was embattled with decisions and prospects which no mere man should deal with. Hadrian balanced everything especially internal organization it was when the Grand Commissioner, Sillistia stepped down and sought to make more power for herself within the Empire, it was then that Hadrian begun to work against her. Hadrian tasked numerous officers to mingle with the former Grand Commissioner who sought to install herself as the Supreme Prophet of the Dark Side, a title defunct until she attempted to revive it, having used Sith land, Sillistia now bore the title Supreme Prophet of the Dark Side and lead the Church of the Dark Side.

The Sovereign War had showed a new era of supremacy of the Empire. The Emperor prior to the Sovereign War did little in the way of battling the Galactic Alliance, both factions lived in relative peace but Hadrian changed that with his so-called Council of Death. Hadrian had always felt that the Empire was guarded by members of his fathers old Empire. Hadrian sought to eliminate certain members he felt were holding himself and the Empire back. A list of officials and high profile members of the Empire were called to Bastion and killed; though it was covered up extremely well some in the galaxy still doubt that Hadrian didn't kill them. From the Council of Death, Hadrian had launched a massive reformation of the Empire.

While he was internally reforming, the galaxy was slowly but surely coming into his grasp, the last bastion of hope for the Alliance was Coruscant, which the Empire had sieged for almost 2 months finally broke. Coruscant was taken by the Empire with little loss of life on the Imperials part. In 259 ABY, 2 months before the Galactic new year, Coruscant was purified of the Galactic Alliance and was claimed to be Imperial; along with almost the entire galaxy the Empire took control. Thousands of systems claimed loyalty and fidelity to the Emperor and the Empire. The galaxy was now in control by the Kicka Empire. Hadrian had conquered the galaxy within 3 years of the onset of a new crusade. However; prior to the conquering of the galaxy an internal fault rocked the Empire to it's core.

The Council of Moffs have always been known for their devious, scheming plans but none on this scale. Former Grand Commissioner and still Supreme Prophet of the Dark Side Ziliyia Sillistia became Grand Moff of the Empire as well as Regent and launched a massive campaign internally against the Emperor; with thoughts of forcing him to abdicated when he arrived at Coruscant to see his prize. However Hadrian was able to gain valuable knowledge and let Ziliyia find out and she fled, taking a large portion of her officers with her. Hadrian didn't spare the officers either, Hadrian recalled his brother Silas and had him hunt down the traitors; naming him War General/Lord Marshall Silas moved swiftly to take down the traitors. Within a few days of his return the Imperial Inquisitorious had been recreated and Silas stood at its head as High Inquisitor.

Hadrian now was able to return focus to the galaxy; both the independent and wild Atrivis Sector and the Tapani Sector peaked his interest. The Atrivis Sector had peaked his interest for a long time seeing as they were completely fierce and rebellious; Hadrian dispatched the Commandant-General of the IDMCR to handle the Sector. The masked terror known as the hangman of kessel would strike fear in the hearts of the people in the Atrivis Sector. The Tapani Sector however was different; mere strength of force would not work. Political intrigue, economics, power and betrayal would all be key to the Empires taking of the Tapani Sector.

Emperor Hadrian had yet to be attacked directly, or the Empire be attacked directly. However during the Winter Solstice that attack came, a two pronged attack lead by the New Republic. The imminent attack on a shipyard world was finally revealed to be the shipyard at Sluis Van, Imperial Intelligence then came through with an attack on the Keldrath Sector, nearest Dac. Hadrian dispatched his orders to repel and destroy the New Republic; it was merely a stepping stone for the Tapani War which was gaining heat.


Hadrian however shifted when he returned to the Kicka Fortress in the Unknown Regions, without advanced warning. Hadrian "abdicated" to his Uncle, Fel and left his location with the Grand Vizier Andal Pestage. Hadrian as well as many inner circle members gave up there posts and returned to various places across the galaxy. Grand Admiral Osiss Drale was the first and one of the most prominent to return to the galaxy; returning to his native Si'Klaata Cluster and gaining the title of Archduke of the Si'Klaata Cluster, Governor of Vontor and Moff of the Si'Klaata Cluster. Hadrian was easy to give up his post as Emperor because he'd completed all his goals.


Hadrian is very different from his father, while Aeaolen in his youth was Brash and Fiery, Hadrian is calm and collected. Only fired up when it boils down and when fighting or commanding is involved. He is a little irrational and tends to be angered by stupidity and ignorance, while he does have a short temper it is more controllable then his fathers. Hadrian would rather fight something out then scream, and yell about it. that's just how he was raised. Hadrian is also a leader, he from a young age was taught to be a leader and always needed to do so because he was often told that he had to fend for himself. Hadrian is also very quick to judge, often he does not take the time to learn people he often judges quickly to destroy them and gain a speed and surprise advantage. Hadrian has that of a Violent nature, willing to kill or destroy anything that stands within his way, wither it be on his side or the opposing side.


Hadrian is not a very intimidating man at a glance but when his robes are removed it is a completely different story. Standing a bit bigger then 6'3 and nearly 200 Lbs he is not one to be messed with. Strong as an Acklay and as nimble as a Corellian fox. Hadrian is a very good lookin' man from a great deal of many male and female standpoints. He uses his charm to get what he wants or needs at times, he is usually tanned from the time he spends in the sun working. He rarely uses his cloak unless traveling or wanting to remain unseen.

Hadrian does not wear Armor, he merely wears a simple Dark Jedi or Sith Garb as he prefers quicker mobility and swifter movements then being cumbered by Armor or heavier cloth or leather. The cloak he wears is a dark brown that resembles that of most Jedi, the clothing he wears under his cloak consist of a long sleeve black shirt, a pair of black regular pants and a pair of military grade uniform boots, that are of course black. Hadrian will often wear stormtrooper armor when he needed more, improved armor.