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Galactic Alliance
Political information
Type of government
  • Federal Republic (255 ABY - 259 ABY)
  • Military Oligarchy (259 ABY - 260 ABY)

Galactic Alliance Common Charter

Head of State
Head of Government

Vice Chief of State

  • Chief of State (255 ABY - 259 ABY)
  • Supreme Commander (259 ABY - 260 ABY)
Executive branch
  • Chief of State (255 ABY - 259 ABY)
  • Supreme Commander (259 ABY -)
Legislative branch
Judicial branch
  • Galactic Alliance Senate
  • Supreme Commander
Societal information
  • Presidental Palace, Coruscant
  • Presidental Palace, Dac (259 ABY -)
Official language

Galactic Basic


Alliance Credit

National holiday

Alliance Day

Historical information
Formed from

New Republic

Date of establishment

255 ABY

Date of reorganization

259 ABY

Date of dissolution

260 ABY into the New Republic under Supreme Chancellor Faras

"...Justice for the attacks against the peaceful people of the galaxy, and formed that this new, strong government to repel the attacks of the ever aggressive Kicka Empire. The Galactic Alliance stands to unite the galaxy as a democratic peaceful leadership who will stand up for the weak and be the strong against the injustices of the galaxy. The Galactic Alliance promotes a strong future, a better future, a future of peace."
―Speech to the Galactic Alliance Senate - Supreme Commander Gavin Darkstar

The Galactic Alliance was similar to it's predecessor the New Republic. However, in 259 ABY after politicians betrayed the Alliance everything changed. The Galactic Alliance Defense Force went into full swing under the command of Supreme Commander Gavin Darkstar. The newly redesigned Alliance used Senators to moderate their own planets while the Defense Force provides protection to planets, trade routes, and sectors. Senators still met in the new Senate chambers on Mon Calamari to determine interplanetary politics, however they held no power over the federal system or the Defense Force.

The Galactic Alliance during this period was led by Supreme Commander Gavin Darkstar. The Advisory Council debated and voted on bills that effected the entire Galactic Alliance. The Advisory Council is made up of the Supreme Commander, the head of the Galactic Alliance Defense Fleet the Grandmaster of the White Knights and 2 other positions that changed hands rather often.


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