Star Wars: Galaxy has been through many "eras", and they will all be listed here so you can easily find them and research what you are looking for.

Era's of Star Wars: GalaxyEdit

  • Peace Times 147 ABY - 150 ABY - This was the time when the Order was new, and growing. Kar guided the Sith Order well, and they fought no wars as they grew and became more and more powerful. He eventually stepped down from his post, and chose Kage as his successor.
  • First Jedi War TBA - This Sith Order declared war on the Jedi Order, and although Kage led the Sith well the Jedi Order was superior and the Sith were defeated by Jaden Zin and Jin Zar.
  • Second Dark War TBA - One of the largest conflicts in the history of the galaxy, Degos and Zada led the Sith Order through this time of turmoil as well as possible. The Sith lost many members, but so did the Jedi. In the end the war came to a stand still and a treaty was made.
  • Revelation Wars TBA - A heated conflict within the Sith Order. Gritus had reigned for a long time following the Dark War, and the Sith Order prospered. But the Council was corrupt, and they turned on the Dark Lord. The Order was split, one side supporting Gritus and the other Griever. The war was decided in a key battle on Mustafar. In the end Griever won, and ruled for a very short period before being assassinated. It was towards the end of this war that Jaden Zin and Jin Zar disappeared.
  • Second Jedi War TBA - Regoram took the reigns of power for a short time following Griever's demise, and led the Sith forces in many small battles against the Jedi. He stepped down from his post after a short time reigning, and Xeph took up the mantle and continued the war against the Jedi. Eventually Xeph stepped down as well, succeeded briefly by Mace Lalonde, and no true leader rose up to lead the Sith.
  • Praxeum Wars 181 ABY - 194 ABY
  • Third Jedi War 194 ABY - 197 ABY
  • Fallen War 197 ABY - 201 ABY
  • Age of Strife 201 ABY - 233 ABY
  • Third Galactic Civil War 233 ABY - 252 ABY
  • Years of Peace 252 ABY - 254 ABY
  • Supremacy War - 254 ABY - 255 ABY
  • New Era 255 ABY - ... ABY