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Flag of the Duchy

The Dubrillian Duchy or more known as the Dubrillian Governor's Court, is the administrative body of cities and territories just under the Royal Family and Parliament on planet Dubrillion


The Duchy is one of the longest lasting organizations on planet Dubrillion but also one of the most reformed. In the beginning of Falvian rule, the Duchy was established by Pontius's closest commanders who sought a piece of the planet from themselves after the Kumauri Empire collapsed.

When Parliament arose and the power of the Royal Family steadily decreased, so did the power of the Duchy. Soon a bill passed in Parliament which discontinued dynasties within the Duchy itself and forced it to be solely election based. Those in the Duchy who accepted this received terms and those who didn't who ousted by the military. As time went on, however, the term 'Duke' or 'Duchess' gained a large amount of unpopularity do to the cruelness they once instilled on it's people. In response, the title was replaced by 'Governor' instead.

The title received a come back during the reign of the Celines when the wave of Dubrillian tradition became popular once more. In the midst of this, Governors still within their terms could be called a 'Duke' or 'Duchess'. As more time went on, this became more and more a tradition.

Current MembersEdit