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258 ABY


259 ABY

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New Sith Order

"The Dark Side thrives on the Light, just as the Sith thrive on the Jedi. They coexist in a hostile environment that gives eachother purpose, meaning, a reason to exist, even. Each system is only delighted to find that the other is wicked -- each only too glad that the sins give it the pretext for deep hatred and animosity."
―Jaster Fel, speaking on the Jedi and Sith

The Council of the Dark Lords was an organization created by former Emperor-Primarch Aeaolen Kicka™ and his longtime friend and apprentice Jaster Fel. The Council of the Dark Lords was responsible for the guidance and preservation of the current Dark Lord of the Sith and his order, any questions or comments that the Dark Lord had would be brought to the Council of the Dark Lords, however the Council had no true affiliations with the New Sith Order, though it's main goal was the preservation of it.

The Council never met but once due to both Aeaolen and Fel having to lead extremely different lives and difficult ones. The Council met on Bakura during it's founding by the two men.

First and only meetingEdit

Aeaolen Kicka™ had called Jaster Fel to Bakura to discuss with him other issues besides the New Sith Order, at the time a movement named the Imperial Confederacy had been gaining prominence in the Outer Rim due to the knowledge and rumors of Kicka Emperor Hadrian Kicka stepping down and giving way for a new Empress, Ziliyia Sillistia taking over. However, when the two met the subject of the New Sith Order had come up; the two had discussed how the Sith needed guidance and structure...though the Dark Lord Crucius had lead the Order effectively he had a habit of disappearing.


The meeting concluded with the two parting ways and the Council of the Dark Lord's created; however a year later in 259 ABY the Council of the Dark Lords would be disbanded by one of it's founders, Aeaolen Kicka™