The Sovereign War


Skirmish on Hypori

Council of Death

Imperial Purges


258 ABY


Imperial Palace (Bastion)

  • Kicka Empire purged.
  • New Era of Kicka Empire officers

Kicka Empire

Old Empire Loyalist

  • Captain Ardas Tycho†
  • Inquisitor Fulgrim (Never arrived)
  • Veteran Felix Benedikt†
  • Primarch Octavius Rex†
  • General-Major Tiber Imperious†
  • Field Marshal and Moff Rey Kavar†
  • High Admiral Alexander Petrov†
  • Former Supreme Chancellor Lok Kavar†
  • Sith Lord Lucius Antoninus†
  • Primarch Octavius Rex†
  • Master Antares Dante†


Almost the entire Old Empire loyalist.

"Hadrian! What has gotten into you?"
Primarch Octavius Rex to Kicka Emperor Hadrian Kicka
"Death has gotten into me, far too long have I sat idle in the Galaxy!"
―Hadrian to Primarch Octavius Rex

The Council of Death is well known throughout the upper echelons of the Kicka Empire as the defining moment of Hadrian Kicka's leadership. Hadrian was fed up and tired of what he called the Old Empire Loyalist, members of the Kicka Empire who were guardians of the old, who held back the Empire from reform and change. Hadrian sought to bring these men to their end; and their end happen. Hadrian took them to the Imperial Palace (Bastion) and murdered them alongside Admiral Osiss Drale and then Captain Mikalas Storm.

The event beginsEdit

"Captain! List of those inside?"
―Hadrian to an unnamed Imperial Captain

The event begun with each of the guests being received by numerous Imperial officials such as Andal Pestage and then General Kyras. Hadrian wanted to lore the group into a false sense of security that this was simply a meeting of high profile men from across the Empire. However, Hadrian had the newly reforming Stormtrooper's guarding along the wall, no one took suspicion except Primarch Octavius Rex who felt that something was off and brought his suspicions to Andal Pestage but was met with comfrt.

Hadrian entered the room and before anyone could realize Hadrian was in the room, Hadrian issued the order to open fire. Within moments all but one of the guests was killed, Primarch Rex. Hadrian halted the Stormtroopers from firing and drew his lightsaber, preparing to engage in a duel with the former Primarch. Hadrian and Rex traded banter and words at each other before Hadrian gained the upper hand and eventually killed Rex; however before Rex's death Sith Lord Lucius Antoninus joined in the battle and before long Hadrian had defeated Lucius by crushing his wind pipe. At this time the duel had drawn large attention from everyone; even the Emperor's personal bodyguard. The Imperial Knights; Master Dante arrived and was swiftly killed.

Hadrian soon issued orders to Admiral Drale and Mikalas Storm to eliminate the Primarchy, the only remaining Primarch was Evander Remus who was taken from Hypori after turning the garrison against the Emperor. Hadrian dispatched the 501st Stormtrooper Legion to Hypori; soon a battle would escalated and would result in the disappearance of Primarch Evander Remus and the disappearance of the only fully created Imperial Titan Erus Bellum.