Church of Azure and Dubrillia
Title of leader

Supreme Archbishop

Other positions

Aub Simbel

Official language(s)
Affiliated organizations/governments

Royal Kingdom of Dubrillion

Holy text(s)

Manifesto of Zeal

Notable locations/temples
  • All planets and moons in the Royal Kingdom
Historical information
Date of founding

Circa 10,000 BBY

Planet of founding



Prophet Magnus Von Torol

Other information
Notable members

The Church of Azure and Dubrillia (or simply The Dubrillian Church) is the main religion in the Kingdom of Dubrillion.

Controversy Edit

Although Freedom of Religion is in the Kingdom's constitution, those who have not accepted the Church of Azure and Dubrillia do face discrimination in most aspects of life within the Kingdom. This has begun to happen midway through the Celine pride movement and since the resurgence of isolationism since the age pf the Galactic Empire. Those citizens who hold a different religion may find difficulty in getting various noteworthy jobs from management to political officies. As par to Dubrillion's nearly null poverty, those who practice other religions do not necessarily face terrible wages but the majority do primarily find those doing more hard and labor intensed jobs then those who uphold the church.

The discrimination is concentrated moreso on the capital planet of Dubrillion, the moons of Trenton, Dismont, and Liffalia then anywhere else within the Kingdom. Planets such as Denebium and Drakonia is where the discrimination is virtually non-existent

Even though it is not a requirement to conform to the church to gain citizenship, a study at the University of Enliten has shown that those immigrants who havent statistically take longer to the recieve it.