The Chief of State was the title of the elected leader of the the Galactic Alliance and the later New Republic. The title of Chief of State was adopted when the several leaders who held the title felt that Supreme Chancellor still had connections to the dictatorial Lok Kavar and even Palpatine. To date, only three individuals have held the title of Chief of State in the Modern Era.


The Chief of State wielded much more power than any Supreme Chancellor since Lok. The Chief of State was elected by the Galactic Alliance Senate, the vote required 51% of the vote. The Chief of State could be of any sentient species from across the Republic. The Chief of State acted as the Commander-in-Chief of the Galactic Alliance Defense Forces and jointly shared that power with the Minister of Defense. Gavin Darkstar was one of the few Chief's of State that ever was declared Supreme Commander of the Galactic Alliance Defense Forces, an oddity in the Galactic Alliance Constitution which the Galactic Alliance Senate passed when Chief of State Darkstar was in power.

The Chief of State could be recalled by a majority vote in the Senate. The Chief of State remained in power as long as the Senate continued to support him/her. The Chief of State was assisted by the Vice Chief of State, who acted as his deputy in many situations. The Chief of State also held the office of President of the Senate, however the office was often deferred to the Vice Chief of State who often dealt with Senatorial matters. The Chief of State was advised by the Galactic Alliance Advisory Council which consisted of the Chief of States selected Ministers who helped the Chief of State do his/her job.

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