The Sovereign War

Operation: Blackened Day

Nelona, 260 ABY


260 ABY.


Galaxy wide

  • End of hunting Dark Jedi.
  • Erus Bellum goes missing again.
Major battles

Kicka Empire

Dark Jedi Order

  • Colonel Marr

Numerous renegade members of the Dark Jedi Order

"Marshal Faust, I will give you one piece of information. It is the Erus Bellum; you will inform your legion that anything that they see today is to be forgotten and not spoken of or they will be eliminated."
―Colonel Marr to Marshal Faust, Rotas V

Operation: Blackened Day is the term used for the overall campaign against the Dark Jedi Order who have survived the initial re-issuing of Order 66; the Erus Bellum, the lost Imperial titan is tasked with hunting down and destroying the Dark Jedi Order remnants and eliminating any influences they may have anywhere.

Onset of a CrusadeEdit

"My Emperor, Marshal Faust is calling for help on the outer rim, the 9th Division has incurred some difficulties."
Grand Vizier Andal Pestage to Emperor Hadrian Kicka

Emperor Hadrian tasked Colonel Marr with hunting down the remaining Dark Jedi Order members who escaped the initial purge; Colonel Marr is the main operator of the Erus Bellum; he was proud to take the mission. The Erus Bellum had not seen service since 258 ABY when it was hidden away from the Empire to undergo testing to preserve it. The Imperial III-class Star Destroyer Victrix was created to haul around the titan; it has undergone some modification to it and is outfitted with a crew of extreme tech savvy members. The Erus Bellums first assignment was to Rotas V to assist the 9th Stormtrooper Division.

End of a CrusadeEdit

The Emperor's disappearance hailed an end to Blackened Day, Hadrian had wanted to eradicate the Dark Jedi however with his disappearance it seems that many Dark Jedi will continue to exist within the confines of the Empire.