Assignment to Rotas V

Blackened Day


Nelona, 260 ABY


Unknown assailants

  • Marshal Faust
  • Colonel Marr (main operator of the Erus Bellum)
  • Unknown
  • 9th Stormtrooper Division (Single legion on planet)
  • Erus Bellum
  • Unknown
"Marshal Faust, an Imperial III-class Star Destroyer bearing the name Victrix has arrived above us...they claim to bearing classified weaponry authorized by the Emperor himself."
―Unnamed Imperial Major

Colonel Marr was dispatched with the Victrix and the Erus Bellum to Rotas V to assist the 9th Stormtrooper Division under the command of Marshal Faust. The Assignment to Rotas V was the first assignment in Operation: Blackened Sky. The Assignment was the first time the Erus Bellum had been used since it was hidden away. Colonel Marr met opposition from the Marshal and then soon influenced him into forgetting the incident.

The Assignment was ended when the Erus Bellum destroyed the only Jedi on the planet, it was known that it was a Dark Jedi Apprentice.